SK Chemtrade


Chemtrade Services (SK) offers value-added product development services.

With a team of Food Scientists, we take a brief from Concept to Launch.

Through our proud associations with companies including International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), Lycored, Vitablend and Nexira, we are equipped with a basket of world class key speciality food ingredients including flavours, colours, vitamin premixes, botanical extracts and other functional ingredients that we combine to create the perfect tailor-made compound or blend for our clientele.

We supply customers in the beverage, confectionary, dairy, savoury, baked goods and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2018 we implemented our small-scale pilot bottling plant to assist entrepreneurs in entering the market.

Our vision is to offer real, tangible value to our customers by becoming a partner in dynamic product development.

Core Capabilities/Our Offering


Through our proud partnership with IFF we offer a large selection of liquid flavours, emulsions, powder and savoury flavours.


It is no longer enough for products to be beautiful – the colourants used in food and beverages need to be safe and natural too. Through our proud association with Lycored Ltd we can offer natural, healthy food colourants.


SK Chemtrade is proud to represent Techno Food Ingredients, a reputable sucralose manufacturer. Techno Sucralose™ has been recognized as a reliable brand globally for over 10 years.

Nutraceuticals and Botanical Extracts

Through extensive research and clinical trials, Nexira and Gencor Pacific can provide premium quality innovative ingredients, with well-documented health properties to address a range of health issues.

Vitamin Premixes

We are proud to represent Vitablend. Vitablend provides innovative nutritional premixes for fortification of food products including ingredients like vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, amino-acids and other functional ingredients. Vitablend has a portfolio of major customers within the food industry, infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sport drinks and nutritional drinks.

Product Development & Compounding

With a highly skilled team of Food Scientists, we can bring your idea to life, from Concept to Launch.
We are here to assist our customers in keeping up to date with market trends and our all-in-one compounds contain the complete basket of key ingredients to make your complex idea a simple reality.




Product Development and compounding

Our innovative team will meet with you to gain an understanding of the final product that is required. We are here to assist our customers in keeping up to date with market trends and changes and making their idea a reality.



We can assist customers in product formulations and work together to find the best solution. We can formulate a wide variety of applications from beverage and dairy to confectionery and savoury.



Our Sales Team are ready to meet with you to understand what your idea is, and work with you to make this a reality.