We pay attention to Food Safety


SK Chemtrade's facility has achieved a Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises from the City of Cape Town and has been endorsed by a Local Environmental Health Practitioner. SK Chemtrade's food premises complies with the provisions of R638.

SK Chemtrade has undergone Food Safety Management System 3rd Party audit (FSA) and has been awarded with certification which states that SK Chemtrade comply with the requirements of:

  • SANS 10049 requirements for prerequisite programmes (PRPs)
  • ISO/TS 22002 prerequisite programmes on food safety
  • Codex Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles
  • Food Safety Management System requirements as guided by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

  • SK Chemtrade has been audited by SANHA (Halaal authority) and The Beth Din (Kosher authority) and has the ability to supply customers with Halaal and Kosher certification per product provided that their specific product is Kosher and Halaal compliant.