We offer the following for bakery and dessert applications to enhance volume, textures in cakes and desserts and dough stability:

  • Lamequick® whipping agents
  • Spongolit® and Nutrisoft® aerating emulsifiers
  • Lametop® datem/emulsifiers
  • Nutrilife® bakery enzymes


BASF Lamequick® whipping agents improve desserts, creams and ice creams

In addition to improving the flavour and texture of desserts, filling and whipping creams, and ice cream, BASF’s Lamequick® whipping agents also produce light, creamy foams.

An appealing dessert’s volume, texture, and mouthfeel are crucial to the satisfaction of the final consumer. With consistently high product quality, convenient products make it simple for consumers to make desserts that look beautiful and taste delicious.

Lamequick® produces delicious puddings that are frothy and stable with outstanding foam. The various grades of Lamequick® offer great flavour profiles, a robust body, and flexible melting characteristics.

The powdered form of all Lamequick® products makes them simple to handle and store while assuring consistent effectiveness over the course of their shelf life. Additionally, we provide halal and/or kosher items.

Our premium Lamequick® products are used in several dessert applications such as whipping creams, cake filling and decoration creams, ice creams, low-aerated desserts and mousses.

Lamequick® has a good solubility and delivers fast and reliable aeration, high foam stability as well as creamy melting properties for all kinds of desserts. When used in decoration creams, it creates defined shapes and precise edges.


Spongolit aerating emulsifiers enhance the volume and texture of baked goods such as cakes

Spongolit® products are aerating systems that enhance the volume and texture of baked goods such as cakes.

Consumers prefer cakes with appealing look, fluffy and soft crumb structure, excellent texture, optimal moistness, delicious taste and long shelf-life.

Spongolit® is a universally applicable range of easy-to-use aerating systems that help formulators of instant cake mixes and industrial bakeries meet the requirements of a high-quality cake product.

Spongolit® areating systems offer the following advantages:

  • High cake volume
  • Excellent texture
  • Appetising mouthfeel
  • Ease of handling
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Exceptional storage stability
  • Extensive shelf life for ready-mixes
  • Consistent high quality

The Spongolit® range is well-suited to all kinds of cakes, including those containing fat. It is also the ideal ingredient for a wide range of batter preparation applications, including cake mixes for home use, small bakeries, and large-scale cake manufacturing.


Lametop datem or emulsifers to improve baked goods

The Lametop® line of products, which consists of mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, enables bakers to produce goods with a pleasing appearance, delectable flavour, high volume, and ideal crumb structure. Additionally, it can be used as a stabiliser in a variety of emulsions, including non-dairy cream, ready-to-drink milk tea, and many others.

Customers prefer baked items that look attractive and have outstanding flavour, aroma, and texture. The crumb structure of bread and rolls should be soft and elastic, and the crust should be crisp. All products must have a long shelf life and maintain their original freshness.

Many different yeast-raised baked foods use the Lametop® line to guarantee constant production safety and consistently high quality. It enhances dough tolerance and stability while producing outstanding volume in all kinds of baked items.

The Lametop® product line offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent dough mixing tolerance
  • Increased gas retaining capacity and improved fermentation tolerance
  • Greater dough stability, even under the stressful conditions of larger commercial or plant bakeries
  • Increased bread volume and enhanced overall appearance
  • Fine, consistent crumb structure

Rolls, buns, bread, baguettes, croissants, doughnuts, and other baked items are made with the Lametop® line. In addition to being used in baked goods, it can also be employed as an emulsifier in a variety of different emulsions, including non-dairy cream, milk tea, recombined milk and creams, savoury spreads, and beverages.


SK Chemtrade offers a wide range of bakery ingredients to food producers and commercial bakeries. You can download our Bakery Ingredients brochure here.