Glasses filled with juice to promote SK Chemtrade small scale bottling plant

As part of our value-added service offering, SK Chemtrade has a fully functional beverage bottling line to add to its portfolio. The pilot bottling plant is a specialised facility designed to be flexible to the customers needs whilst meeting the consumer requirements. The tailor-made approach utilises trending and bespoke ingredients from our globally recognised market partners.

Should the brief entail carbonated soft drinks or still beverages packed into 50ml up to 2lt, PET or glass, we have the solutions to mimic a full-scale production run, be it 200lt or 20,000lt.

Our facility can pack from 500 units upwards with no minimum order runs. This gives the assurance to the client, limiting market risk by not having to stock 10,000lt worth of stock at the time of launch. This really is a wonderful opportunity to obtain large scale focus group samples for growing brands or limited editions for market exploration.

Our Innovations team engage at all stages, from the brief to the delivery of your vision, making concept to launch a reality in the shortest possible time frame, using the ingredients you would come to expect.

Legislation compliancy can be daunting if you are not up to speed and can be costly if you must change labels at a later stage. Our food scientists work within all the parameters to make sure you have peace of mind when we assist in product development.

Beverage product development and blending infographic
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