Ottera natural colours for beverages, confectionery, dairy-based or other prepared foods

Oterra is the world leader in colours from natural sources. They help manufacturers bring safe and appetizing products to consumers at mealtimes – and any time in between. The deep insights about markets, regulatory requirements, applications, pigments and phytonutrients place Oterra Natural Colours at the forefront of the industry. Its colour portfolio is the largest and most vibrant in the food industry, and its nutraceutical range has scientifically documented health benefits.

When you choose Oterra Natural Colours, you protect and nurture the value of your brand.

Whether you produce beverages, confectionery, dairy-based or other prepared foods, Oterra matches the right colour with your application. Covering natural colours and fruit and vegetable concentrates, there are more than 600 unique products in the range.

Main ranges in Oterra Natural Colours portfolio


FruitMax® are gently processed fruit and vegetable concentrates to add natural colour to foods and beverages

Range of colouring foods with a full palette of vibrant, natural colours. Minimally processed fruit, vegetable or edible plant concentrates, colouring foods are the fastest growing colour type in the food and beverage industry. Crafted with traditional production methods – without preservatives – FruitMax® can be clearly and simply labelled on a list of ingredients. They are not considered additives and do not require an E-number.

FruitMax® – gently processed fruit and vegetable concentrates.

Why use FruitMax®

  • Free from preservatives

  • Can be labelled simply as fruit and vegetable juice concentrate for colour
  • Are standardized to provide the same shade in every production batch
  • Are gently crafted from fruit and vegetables
  • Provide a vibrant shade with good stability


CapColors® are ideal for food and beverages that undergo heat treatment, homogenization, or are exposed to light.

Patented technology that imitates how pigments are protected in nature. CapColors® are ideal for food and beverages that undergo heat treatment, homogenization, or are exposed to light.

Why use CapColors®

  • Remarkably brighter than other colours from natural sources
  • Possible to create new colour shades
  • Cost efficient due to high colour potency
  • Better dispersibility


i-colours are vibrant instant powder colours for food product formulations

Vibrant instant powder colours. Developed specifically for powder products such as instant beverage, bouillon and pudding powders that are hydrated at home, iColors® plate powdered products evenly and dissolve easily in liquids ensuring a vibrant colour in the hydrated product.

Why use I-Colors®

  • Excellent plating capabilities
  • No dephasing, so colour does not migrate to the bottom of the pack
  • When hydrated, the powder dissolves easily without lumping or forming colour spots
  • Easy to handle in production as it is free flowing and easy-to-dose

Get in touch with us for further information on natural colours suitable for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and health industries. We are able to offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements.