Lecithin is a natural emulsifier and is one of the key ingredients used in food, feed, pharma, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Emulsifiers are added to food to strengthen the dough in baked goods, stabilise foams, keep food from going bad, or make it more freeze-thaw stable in order to increase quality or shelf life. They can be made from a variety of ingredients, including propylene glycol alginate and soy and sunflower lecithin. Emulsifiers have the ability to combine two liquids that otherwise do not mix well. A classic illustration is attempting to combine oil and water. The chemical characteristics of these substances prevent them from mixing well. An emulsifier can be useful in this situation. Emulsifiers have hydrophilic (loves water) and hydrophobic (loves oil) regions that allow two non-miscible components, such as water and oil, to combine.

Lecithin is a natural emulsifier and is one of the key ingredients used in food, feed, pharma, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Lecithin is a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in a variety of foods, including soybeans, corn, sunflower, canola, and egg yolks. Lecithin is a versatile component that can be employed as an antioxidant and flavour preserver in addition to its common use as an emulsifier in food. Since the 1800s, lecithin has been a component of food for humans.

Both fluid and de-oiled forms of lecithin are possible to create. Products containing fluid lecithin are mixtures of phospholipids and vegetable oils. De-oiled lecithin products, which come in both granular and powdered forms, have essentially minimal vegetable oil and a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

SK Chemtrade is proud to offer the Unilecithin range with its complete array of liquid, hydrolyzed, granular, powdered / de-oiled lecithins which are widely recognised for their functionality.

With over 20 years of experience in lecithin, Unilecithin is a worldwide leading supplier to the food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industry. Unilecithin offers a unique value in matching customer needs with lecithin ingredients from the purest form, while offering full IP traceability, backed up by a certified quality system which complies to the highest international standards.

The strict quality policy applies through the entire lifecycle, from seeding to harvest followed by transportation, handling, processing and shipping.

Sunflower lecithin - a food emulsifier


Options available include non-GMO, hydrolysed, powders, liquids and granules.


The range includes identity preserved, pure, hydrolysed, ultra-low viscosity food grade compound, feed grade sunflower lecithin, powders, liquids and granules.


Rapeseed Lecithin is free from allergens.
UNILEC- RPL is 100% pure Rapeseed Lecithin, its viscous, yellow to brown liquid, mixture of phospholipids in a free flowing liquid derived from oil extraction of Rapeseeds by degumming process obtained by dehydrating of gums recovered from oil refining.

UNILEC- DRPL is 100% pure Rapeseed Lecithin powder, its free flowing ,light tan to yellow oil free lecithin powder . It’s a pure form of phospholipid and more convenient to handle than liquid lecithin.

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