Range of beverages incorporating botanical extracts in their formulation

For manufacturers striving to create healthy, enjoyable beverages that meet customer aspirations for health and  wellness in their lifestyles, functional additives like botanicals are becoming popular. By 2025, the market for botanical extracts is projected to be worth $7.59 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 8.7% from 2017 to 2025. Young customers are becoming more and more enamoured with ready-to-drink tea as they consider it as a respectable substitute for conventional soft drinks. Probiotics are also becoming more popular as a result of this demand to strengthen the immune system.


Ransom Naturals Ltd (Ransom) is a leading developer and manufacturer of botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care and F&B industries. With 175 years’ experience in the field of natural products, the company has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their range of natural products meet the food and beverage market needs. The products are available in liquid or more concentrated semi- viscous forms to support a wider range of beverage related applications.

Ransom provides product, process and method development, from laboratory initiation through scale up, to full commercial production at its GMP compliant site in Hitchin, United Kingdom. Ransom Naturals is perfectly positioned to deliver customer specific project solutions.

Ransom offers single botanical extracts ideal for enhancing beverage flavours and functionality, such as elderflower, ginger, elderberry and Rooibos extracts. They expect to see an increasing demand for superfood extracts that support healthy bodies and healthy minds, such as elderberry, ginger, turmeric, guarana and adaptogens that support a positive mood and wellbeing such as the newly developed ashwagandha extract.

Ransom’s Genus Extract is a single customer blend of botanicals that offers a unique taste and flavour profile. These products are blends of botanical extracts that target particular areas of functionality, for example, relaxation, improved cognitive response, cardiovascular and digestive health. Ransom offers blends that are unique and produced through one multi- component extraction, improving cycle times and simplifying the facilitation of finished formulations.


SK Chemtrade has represented Ransom Naturals in South Africa since September 2021 and during the week of 17th October 2022, the Head of Business Development will be in South Africa at SK Chemtrade’s offices. We are very excited to welcome them to our offices and to present Ransom’s range of botanical extracts to the South African pharmaceutical and food & beverage markets during this week.

Please see below our detailed concept cards and functional beverages that we will be presenting to the market. These include Ransom’s botanicals.

functional beverage formulation with SK Chemtrade
SK Chemtrade develops functional beverages from the concept to the launch of the product
formulating functional beverages with SK Chemtrade beverage ingredients
Develop and formulate functional beverages with SK Chemtrade